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Words Are Like Water

Marcelo Oleas - Words Are Like Water


Would you agree that words are a lot like water?

Water can create life, it can create electricity, it’s an essential part of our health and we use it every day.

But water can also create massive damage, destruction, and sometimes even death.

So how are words a lot like water?

Well, words can be very beautiful and fill us with enthusiasm and life, but words can also be very mean and harmful and drain the enthusiasm and life right out of us.

And just like water, we use words every day. It’s how we communicate with others, and just as important it’s how we communicate with ourselves.

We may not have control over what people say to us, but we sure have control over what we say to others, and to ourselves.

Now why is that important??

Well, words create images in our mind.

These images impact our emotions.

These emotions impact our actions.

And our actions generate consequences.

Therefore our words play an integral part in the consequences we deal with in life.

Harness the power of words to nurture and create beautiful consequences, not consequences that will lead to regret.


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