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Unleash Your Body’s Potential with Nitric Oxide

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Dr. Nathan Bryan discusses nitric oxide and its benefits, including pharmaceutical and topical applications, with host Dave Asprey on this episode of The Human Upgrade.

Learn the science behind nitric oxide’s incredible benefits and how to safely use this essential molecule to optimize your health.

I started taking it this week and will be putting it to the test.

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Below is the breakdown of the interview in case you want to skip to the parts that interest you.

00:01 Nitric oxide is a vital molecule responsible for oxygen and nutrient delivery to every organ, tissue, and cell in the body.

  • Nitric oxide is a vasodilator that controls blood flow regulation.
  • It’s short-lived, making it challenging to develop solid dose forms of bioactive gas.
  • Dr. Nathan Bryan developed a technology that could make a bioactive gas in a solid dose form.
  • Nitric oxide is not present in beet products.

04:22 Beets are not the best way to raise nitric oxide

  • Most products claiming to raise nitric oxide levels don’t work
  • High pressure and heat drying processes deplete vegetables of nutrients

08:19 N101 serum generates nitric oxide, improving blood flow and skin health

  • N101 serum is a dual chamber nitric oxide generating serum
  • Nitric oxide gas diffuses into the dermis, dilating blood vessels and recruiting capillaries
  • Enhancing blood flow leads to improved collagen deposition and hydration, mobilizing stem cells
  • N101 can also aid wound healing
  • Citrulline is not a precursor to nitric oxide production

11:55 No reason to take Arginine or citrulline as the body produces enough of it already

  • Citrulline is ineffective in producing nitric oxide and can even make things worse for those with endothelial dysfunction
  • High-dose Arginine can divert metabolism away from nitric oxide production and is contraindicated for those with vascular disease
  • The Arginine Paradox exists but only in young, healthy individuals
  • The case for Arginine and citrulline is weak/non-existent
  • Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor and can be balanced with Nitric Oxide for improved athletic performance

15:22 Nitric oxide is foundational for optimizing everything we’re doing.

  • Bonafide benefits of caffeine include performance and perceived exertion.
  • N1 Owen improves not just the lining of the arteries but also mitochondrial function.
  • Nitric oxide controls and regulates stem cell function, telomerase activity, and prevents the shortening of telomeres.
  • Decreased blood flow to certain regions of the brain characterizes every neurological disease.
  • If your body can’t make nitric oxide, we do it for you.

00:45 Nitric oxide production needs to be controlled and regulated to prevent chronic inflammation

  • There are three isoforms of the nitric oxide synthase enzyme – Enos, Inos, and NOS 3
  • Enos and Inos are constitutively expressed and generate nitric oxide upon demand, while Inos is only upregulated and expressed upon activation, causing chronic inflammation

22:40 Hydrogen and hydrogen sulfide have established therapeutic benefits.

  • Hydrogen is an interesting molecule that goes into a cell unmodified and comes out.
  • The benefits of hydrogen and hydrogen sulfide are well-established.
  • The metabolic demands on what your body needs are much different than somebody else when taking N101.
  • The efficacy of these products can be measured through various techniques.

26:09 N101 can help non-responders of erectile dysfunction medications

  • Erectile dysfunction medications like Viagra and Cialis only work for 50% of men due to the dependence on nitric oxide production
  • N101, a breakthrough product, can increase nitric oxide production and help non-responders become responders
  • N101 has a better safety profile than other medications and can be titrated for better effects
  • Nitric oxide is important for the management and treatment of chronic diseases and N101 can be a game changer in this field


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