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Introducing The Only, FDA Registered Transdermal, Over The Counter, Safe & Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone…

Increased Levels In HGH Are Associated With…

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With over 1,000 doctors currently using the gel and recommending it to their patients. Listen to what one of them has to say!

My Personal Results

Marcelo Oleas gel results

I started using the gel on August 15, 2018. I included the picture of me from August 2017 so that you can see that I was already following a healthy diet and working out 5 days per week prior to starting the gel; which gave me some good results (as can be seen in the photo dated August 15, 2018).

The only change that I made to my existing diet and exercise routine was to add the gel (I did a 30 day loading phase where I used it every day and then moved to using the gel 5 days on and 2 days off).

My benefits thus far:

So many benefits from just ONE product.

*This is my own personal testimony. Results may vary from person to person. Check with your licensed healthcare provider before starting the gel.*

One bottle of SOMADERM Gel provides 1–2 months of a convenient, non-invasive supply of human growth hormone.

This transdermal formula is registered by the FDA, and contains the highest legal dose of the hormone, available without a prescription. SOMADERM Gel may be used for a number of reasons, such as delaying the effects of aging, and even to treat those individuals who experience low levels of human growth hormone.

Hottest product on the market right now in the health and wellness industry with a 97% reorder rate. Way less expensive than HGH injections, 100% safe and just as effective!

Somaderm HGH Gel

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