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Are Your Roots Strong Enough?

Marcelo Oleas - Are your roots strong enough?

Life is a journey filled with ups and downs, and we often find ourselves faced with adversities that challenge our resilience and personal growth. The notion that adversity strengthens our roots and empowers us to grow further and stronger is reminiscent of a tree that requires strong roots to support its growth. Without a solid […]

Be Like A Coffee Bean

Be Like A Coffee Bean

Be like a coffee bean! I made this video based on a recent book I read by Jon Gordon and Damon West called The Coffee Bean. This story has a very simple yet powerful message. In life, when you are given the choice to be a carrot, an egg, or a coffee bean; always be a […]

The Starfish Story

The Starfish Story - Marcelo Oleas

This is a story that I’m sure many of you have already heard (and probably several versions of it), but it is such a beautiful message that it can’t hurt to hear it again. Inspired by the real-life anecdote told by Loren Eiseley in The Underground Universe.

Yin & Yang Misconception

Marcelo Oleas explains yin and yang misconception

Many of us see yin and yang as being opposites (good and bad, hot and cold, happy and sad, etc), but the truth is that yin and yang are actually complements of one another.  If you think about it, hot and cold are simply the extremes of the full experience of what we call temperature. And […]

Think Before You Speak

Think before you speak

It’s amazing how we can be careless with our choice of words. Too often we let our emotions do the talking and not realize the impact that our words have on others, especially those closest and dearest to us. In just a few moments our words are so powerful that they can change someone’s life […]

Words Are Like Water

Marcelo Oleas - Words Are Like Water

Would you agree that words are a lot like water? Water can create life, it can create electricity, it’s an essential part of our health and we use it every day. But water can also create massive damage, destruction, and sometimes even death. So how are words a lot like water? Well, words can be […]