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Sharing My Journey of Self-Love and Gratitude on the Soul Love Podcast

Soul Love Podcast guest Marcelo Oleas

I was honored to be a guest on Kim van de Sande’s Soul Love Podcast. In this episode, I take you through my journey of discovering and embracing my inner gifts and the transformative power of positive thinking. I open up about the importance of self-love, establishing healthy boundaries, and daily gratitude practices that have […]

Transform Your Life with Three Words: A Self-Love Experiment

Marcelo Oleas - the power of I Love You - self-love exercise

Have you ever stopped to consider the transformative power held within three simple words? “I love you.” We say it to our family, our friends, and those special someones who make our hearts skip a beat. But how often do we say it to the most crucial person in our lives—ourselves? Every morning, as I […]

How I Reclaimed My Power in Relationships

The foundation for healthy relationships with Marcelo Oleas

Relationships can be complicated. We all want connection, fulfillment, and happiness in our romantic partnerships. But it’s not always easy to achieve that ideal dynamic. In my recent conversation with Mari Curteanu on her podcast (The Lighthouse), I opened up about my own struggles in a past relationship. This experience taught me so much about […]