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Aligning Thoughts and Actions for Monumental Personal Growth

a sailboat representing the alignment of thoughts and actions

Let’s embark on a fascinating journey of personal growth. Imagine a sailboat on a vast ocean; your thoughts are the wind, and your actions, the sails. When both align, they create great winds, propelling you towards your dreams. This article is your roadmap toward a more fulfilling life, where we’ll explore how congruent thoughts and […]

Your Mental Space is Too Valuable to be Housing Doubt and Despair

image of a brain as a vast library

In the vast expanse of our minds, there’s a living space that’s more valuable than the most luxurious penthouse in the heart of New York. This space, our mental real estate, is where our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs reside. Just like a physical home, it needs regular cleaning and decluttering. Imagine for a moment that your […]

Is It Time To Rinse Your Mental Sponge?

Marcelo Oleas - Rinse Your Mental Sponge

I’m sure you all have heard the phrase that our mind is like a sponge; especially when we’re little kids.  You see, when we’re born our mind is a fresh new sponge ready to soak everything in. It’s thirsty to learn and it will pick up everything from its environment.  But here’s the thing, the […]