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Tony Robbins Says Loss Is An Illusion – Is This True?

Loss Is An Illusion

I once heard Tony Robbins speaking to a lady who had recently experienced a loss in her life. For obvious reasons she was hurt. What Tony said to her surprised me at first. What he said to her was, “loss is an illusion.” We all have experienced a form of loss in our lives and […]

Is It Time To Rinse Your Mental Sponge?

Marcelo Oleas - Rinse Your Mental Sponge

I’m sure you all have heard the phrase that our mind is like a sponge; especially when we’re little kids.  You see, when we’re born our mind is a fresh new sponge ready to soak everything in. It’s thirsty to learn and it will pick up everything from its environment.  But here’s the thing, the […]

Words Are Like Water

Marcelo Oleas - Words Are Like Water

Would you agree that words are a lot like water? Water can create life, it can create electricity, it’s an essential part of our health and we use it every day. But water can also create massive damage, destruction, and sometimes even death. So how are words a lot like water? Well, words can be […]

Let Your MESS Be Part Of Your MESSage

Marcelo Oleas - let your mess be part of your message

Embarking on a new journey is often scary and since most of us do not like to feel embarrassed and have people seeing us make mistakes, we tend to keep the pursuit of our passions on the down low. We want to wait till perfection arrives before we expose what we’re doing to anyone, but […]