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Can Fast Food Increase Risk of Depression?

Marcelo Oleas - Fast Food and Depression

There was a recent study done by researchers at James Cook University where they went to two Australian islands. One island had fast food readily available, and the other island had no fast food outlets at all. Out of the study group from both islands it was found that 19 people had moderate to severe […]

4 Ways To Show Your Brain Some Love!

Marcelo Oleas Brain Love

Our brain is one of our most important organs, yet it is so often neglected. When you realize the importance of our brain’s function when it comes to the rest of our body working properly, you’ll want to make sure that your brain is as healthy as possible. Here are four simple things that you […]

Digital Dementia – Are You At Risk?

Digital Dementia - Marcelo Oleas

With the immense advancement in portable devices like our cell phones and tablets we have an infinite amount of information at our fingertips. This is an amazing thing, but it also comes at a price to our health. Our brain is like a muscle and if we don’t use it, we lose it. We are […]