Taking a Closer Look at Ourselves: Why It’s Important

man looking in mirror trying to face his inner truth

We often find ourselves stuck in a rut, unable to move forward. The truth is, many of us are unwilling to take a closer look at our own lives – and the situations we have been avoiding. It takes courage to face what we have been avoiding, but doing so brings amazing growth and realizations. […]

Living With Integrity: The Path to True Freedom

Marcelo Oleas living with integrity

Telling a lie is something that we have all done. Sometimes it has been in a harmless way, like telling a little white lie to protect someone’s feelings. Other times it can be something much more serious. Lying can be a way to avoid trouble, avoid stressful situations, a way to protect ourselves, or maybe […]

Focusing On Your Goals – Lesson Learned From A Blurry Photo

Marcelo Oleas - Focusing On Achieving Your Goals

Hey, this is Marcelo and this is something that I know we can all relate to because we have all done it.  We have all taken pictures. Whether we have used a standalone camera or our smartphone, we have all been able to capture a moment in time.  No, I’m not a photographer and this […]