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Don’t Avoid Constructive Criticism

Marcelo Oleas - Don't be afraid of constructive criticism

Our egos love to hear praise, but when wanting to become the best at something, find those who will tell you the honest truth. The good, and most importantly, THE BAD. If the bad never gets pointed out to us, we will never get better. We can only change what we become aware of.  So […]

Tony Robbins Says Loss Is An Illusion – Is This True?

Loss Is An Illusion

I once heard Tony Robbins speaking to a lady who had recently experienced a loss in her life. For obvious reasons she was hurt. What Tony said to her surprised me at first. What he said to her was, “loss is an illusion.” We all have experienced a form of loss in our lives and […]

What Does Fear and Faith Have in Common?

Fear and faith have in common

What does fear and faith have in common? They both deal with a future that hasn’t happened yet. The difference is that fear focuses on the negative future. While faith focuses on the positive future. The beautiful thing is that it’s our choice what we want to focus on. Neither the negative future nor the […]

Life Based On Purpose

Marcelo Oleas living a life of purpose

Are you living a life based on feelings, or are you living a life based on purpose? So what’s the difference? Well there are some days where we feel like we can conquer the world! And there are other days where we feel like we can barely tie our own shoes. LOL We all have […]

Words Are Like Water

Marcelo Oleas - Words Are Like Water

Would you agree that words are a lot like water? Water can create life, it can create electricity, it’s an essential part of our health and we use it every day. But water can also create massive damage, destruction, and sometimes even death. So how are words a lot like water? Well, words can be […]