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The Good and Bad Reputation About Eating Eggs

eggs in a carton

Eggs are superfoods, but unfortunately, they also get a bad rep for triggering cholesterol, weight gain, or cardiovascular issues. So what is the truth? Should we eat them or not? Here’s an informative video from HealthNormal breaking it all down. Video Transcript: Did you know that an average backyard head can lay up to 250 […]

Stop Eating Bread for 30 Days and See What Happens!

stop eating bread for 30 days

The typical American consumes around 133 pounds of flour each year. What we might not understand is that every single time we consume white flour, we are hurting our health. The starch found in common wheat, typically called modern dwarf wheat, elevates your blood sugar greater than table sugar! Consuming a diet high in carbs […]

New Medical Breakthroughs In The Fight Against Disease

Fighting disease

In this episode of Impact Theory, Tom Bilyeu interviews Dr. William Li to discuss how certain new medical breakthroughs have revealed how easy and accessible better health can be for us all. In this episode Dr. Li breaks down the 5 natural body defenses that protect us at all times and how food can be so powerful […]

Can Fast Food Increase Risk of Depression?

Marcelo Oleas - Fast Food and Depression

There was a recent study done by researchers at James Cook University where they went to two Australian islands. One island had fast food readily available, and the other island had no fast food outlets at all. Out of the study group from both islands it was found that 19 people had moderate to severe […]