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New Medical Breakthroughs In The Fight Against Disease

Fighting disease

In this episode of Impact Theory, Tom Bilyeu interviews Dr. William Li to discuss how certain new medical breakthroughs have revealed how easy and accessible better health can be for us all. In this episode Dr. Li breaks down the 5 natural body defenses that protect us at all times and how food can be so powerful […]

5 Risk Factors for Covid You Are Not Aware Of

health risk factors you need to know

I’m a big fan of Shawn Stevenson’s podcast, The Model Health Show. I wanted to share this particular episode with you because I think it is very eye opening to know that there are certain factors (especially here in the United States) that put us at higher risk of not being able to fight off […]

Healthy Cup of Coffee

healthy cup of cofee

I personally do not need a cup of coffee to get my day started, but on occasion I do enjoy a good cup of joe (maybe 3-4 times per week). However, I do not make a pit stop at my local Starbucks or DD (some of those coffees contain more sugar than a can of […]

Sugar In Disguise

Sugar in disguise - popular names for sugar

There are many foods that we expect to see sugar listed as part of the ingredient list, but I bet that even if you are diligently reading labels, you probably are consuming more sugar than you even realize. The food industry has gotten pretty slick when it comes to how they name “sugar” on nutrition […]

Cold Shower Benefits

I have enjoyed taking hot showers ever since I was a kid. Maybe it was the cold NY winters, but then again, even in the blazing hot summertime I would still prefer long hot showers. Something about the hot water made me relax and I could stay in the water until my fingers looked like […]

Smile More – It’s Good For You – Literally

Smile More For Your Health

With age comes more responsibility, and with more responsibility sometimes comes more stress. We often get soo caught up in our daily hustle that we forget the very simple things in life; such as the power of our smile. Our smile does not only help us look good, but it also has been well documented […]