Aphasia: A Mysterious Condition that Leaves People Unable to Speak

The word "why" in a speech bubble

Aphasia is a mysterious condition that leaves people unable to speak. It can affect any part of the speech process, from understanding words to producing them. Aphasia can be caused by a stroke, a head injury, or a brain tumor. It can also develop as a result of a degenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s disease. […]

Easy Way to Test Quality of Your Extra Virgin Olive Oil

How good is your extra virgin olive oil?

Personally I love how EVOO tastes and I consume it with just about all of my meals, but it is more than just magic to my taste buds; it is also magic for our health! Extra virgin olive oil contains two incredible anti-inflammatory and potent antioxidants called oleocanthal and oleuropein. Oleocanthal is so powerful that […]

Sugar In Disguise

Sugar in disguise - popular names for sugar

There are many foods that we expect to see sugar listed as part of the ingredient list, but I bet that even if you are diligently reading labels, you probably are consuming more sugar than you even realize. The food industry has gotten pretty slick when it comes to how they name “sugar” on nutrition […]