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Living With Integrity: The Path to True Freedom

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Telling a lie is something that we have all done. Sometimes it has been in a harmless way, like telling a little white lie to protect someone’s feelings. Other times it can be something much more serious. Lying can be a way to avoid trouble, avoid stressful situations, a way to protect ourselves, or maybe even protect our ego. No matter what the reason, lying always has consequences. And one of the greatest consequences is the loss of our freedom.

You see, every time we lie, we need to remember and maintain that lie. From that moment forward we now must waste our mental energy to make sure that every future conversation that we have actually supports that lie. Now imagine if you do this more than once. You now have multiple lies to remember and maintain. That is exhausting, and you now become a slave to that the story of lies.

And it’s important to remember that you can lie with your mouth, and you can lie with your mind. It’s not just the lies that come out of our mouth. It’s also the lies that we keep inside our head that keep us shackled and prevent us from being free.

To have a truly fulfilling life, we must live with integrity. Integrity is the cornerstone of freedom. We can find comfort and feel at ease when we maintain our integrity because we can now be who we really are. We no longer have to be slaves worrying about maintaining false narratives and remembering lies.

And yes, living with integrity requires patience, effort, and self-control, but once we are 100% committed to it, it also makes our decision making a lot easier.  We no longer have to fight the battle of deciding to do what is right. We just do it. And that is true freedom. The mental energy we wasted on lies, can now be used on living, loving, and enjoying life.


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