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KetoGen4 – My Tasty Keto Hack

My Keto Hack


On May 6th, 2019 I started with my first dose of KetoGen4. This product was formulated by the same person who formulated The Gel (which I now have been using for 9 months and has been a complete life changer for me), so how could I not give it a try?

I haven’t followed a super strict keto diet, but I have definitely drastically reduced my carbs and sugars for a few years now and have focused a lot more on healthy fats.

KetoGen4 claims to put our bodies into ketosis within hours verses days. Could this be the keto hack we have all been waiting for?

Yes, there are tons of keto products in the market and they all claim to be the best. How is KetoGen4 any different??

Watch short video below for a quick breakdown…

Standout Differences:

Four BHB Salts – most exogenous ketone products only contain 3 BHB salts (calcium, magnesium, and sodium). KetoGen4 also includes the addition of potassium. Having 4 BHB salts alone already makes this product superior than competition.

Fat Burning & Mental Focus – proprietary blend to stimulate quicker fat burning and prevent brain fog.

Alkalizing – proprietary blend of greens (including spinach, broccoli sprouts, chlorella, and more) to help keep our bodies alkaline.

Normalizing Adaptogenic – proprietary blend including ashwagandha, reishi mushroom, maitake mushroom, Lion’s Mane, chaga, and more to help relieve stress and support our adrenals.

Enzymes – proprietary blend of enzymes to promote healthy gut and soothe any GI discomfort during diet transitions. 

For full list of additional vitamins and minerals and supplement facts, here’s the actual product label.

KetoGen4 Supplement Facts

Following the instructions on container I mixed one scoop of KetoGen4 into 10 ounces of water and had it with my first meal of the day. As per instructions, you only have this product once per day and 6 days per week. One container provides 24 servings which will give you your full month supply.

For the past 6+ months prior to starting this product my weight was always at a steady 155-157 lbs. Never falling below 155lbs so needless to say I was actually shocked with what my scale read in just my first few days of being on KetoGen4 (pictures below).

KetoGen4 - May 6, 2019 Weight
KetoGen4 - May 9, 2019 Weight
KetoGen4 - May 11, 2019 Weight
KetoGen4 - May 15, 2019 Weight

Five pounds lost in just 3 days of being on KetoGen4 and with no change in my diet and exercise routine that I have been following for about 2 years!!

With the help of The Gel I was already able to get in great physical shape and wasn’t really looking to loss any more weight, but I definitely still had some stubborn love handles. It looks like I have finally found the keto hack to burn these unwanted fat clingers once and for all!

** July 2019 Update

I only used the drink for two months because I was 100% satisfied with the goals that I was able to accomplish and no longer needed to burn any excess fat. My current weight as of this update is 147 lbs.

Here’s a FAQ you might find helpful…

Q. How does KetoGen4 work?

A. KetoGen4 introduces exogenous ketones into your system to effectively promote ketosis— unlocking your body’s ability to get into ketosis while feeling great.*

Q. How many calories does KetoGen4 have per serving? A. One serving (one scoop) has 5 calories.

Q. How does KetoGen4 taste?

A. It has a delicious kiwi peach flavor.

Q. Is KetoGen4 vegan?

A. Yes. KetoGen4 is vegan.

Q. How often should I take KetoGen4?

A. Six days a week, in the morning with a meal.

Q. Why is it better to take with a meal?

A. KetoGen4 assimilates best with food. If your stomach is empty, most of the valuable nutrients will run through your system quickly unable to provide all the benefits. Furthermore, KetoGen4 contains many additional nutrients that when taken on an empty stomach may cause stomach discomfort.*

Q. Do I need to take KetoGen4 in the morning?

A. No, if you are fasting or cannot take it in the morning, take it with the first meal of the day.*

Q. What if I experience stomach discomfort or change in bowel movements?

Try half the dosage (1/2 scoop) until you feel more comfortable and then slowly increase the dosage as your body adjusts.*

Q. What is ketosis (or keto)?

A. Keto is short for ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic state characterized by raised levels of ketones in the system. A ketone is produced by the liver to be used for energy when there isn’t glucose available. When your body is in ketosis, it begins to use stored body fat as its primary source for energy.*

Q. What’s the difference between exogenous and endogenous ketones?

A. Endogenous ketones are produced naturally by the liver due to nutritional intake. Exogenous ketones are introduced into the body in the form of a ketone supplement, such as KetoGen4.*

Q. How does KetoGen4 compare to competing products?

A. The short answer is the ingredient mix that makes up our superior/singular formula. Our exclusive 4-BHB salt combo provides an immediate source of exogenous ketones, vital nutrients, and vitamins to promptly put you in ketosis while ensuring an overall feeling of wellness.*

Q. Can I take KetoGen4 if I’m not on a low-carb diet?

A. Yes. Regardless of your diet, KetoGen4 promotes ketosis allowing you to reap the benefits provided. However, for optimal weight management, a healthy low-carb diet is recommended.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.

I will post an update here (including before and after photos) after I complete my full month of being on this product. Stay tuned…

I am an official distributor of New U Life products so please do not hesitate to ask any questions. I am always honest with product reviews that I test and never promote anything that I don’t personally stand behind or personally don’t see results with.

** These are my personal results. Results may vary from person to person. Please consult with your licensed physician for any medical questions or concerns before starting any product.


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  1. Hoe do you get rid of diarrhea? I started using KetoGen4 on Monday and this is Wednesday, I still have diarrhea. I am also a distributor, and may even be down line on your leg.

    1. Hey Tony! I feel your pain. I have an extremely sensitive stomach and any little change I make in my diet usually causes GI havoc. I too had some stomach issues for my first 2-3 days (for about 30-45 minutes after drinking KG4). I am now on my 5th week and no longer have those issues I did on my first days. What worked for me was to drink most of my KG4 after I had fully finished eating instead of drinking it along as I ate (as I did when I first started). This seemed to do the trick for me. Another thing you might want to consider is starting with half a dose until your body adjusts. And I can’t emphasize enough the importance of drinking plenty of water – definitely don’t slack on this one – it is crucial! Good luck and keep me posted on your progress, Tony!

    2. Can i take this dont want to loose weight but my stomach digestion is not good. I need some salts in my body

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