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How I Reclaimed My Power in Relationships

The foundation for healthy relationships with Marcelo Oleas


Relationships can be complicated. We all want connection, fulfillment, and happiness in our romantic partnerships. But it’s not always easy to achieve that ideal dynamic. In my recent conversation with Mari Curteanu on her podcast (The Lighthouse), I opened up about my own struggles in a past relationship.

This experience taught me so much about self-love, authenticity, and finding balance within myself first before trying to build a healthy relationship with someone else.

I believe my story and the lessons I learned will resonate with anyone who has felt that relationships can become unbalanced, as we lose ourselves trying to please another. My hope is that by being vulnerable and honest, others may feel empowered to also look within, take ownership of their own joy, and build healthy relationships from a place of wholeness.

There will always be bumps on our journeys, but this perspective shift will profoundly improve all relationships (romantic, friendships, family, business, etc).

Please have a listen and share your thoughts!

Credit: Mari Curteanu


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