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Focusing On Your Goals – Lesson Learned From A Blurry Photo

Marcelo Oleas - Focusing On Achieving Your Goals


Hey, this is Marcelo and this is something that I know we can all relate to because we have all done it. 

We have all taken pictures. Whether we have used a standalone camera or our smartphone, we have all been able to capture a moment in time. 

No, I’m not a photographer and this is not a photography lesson, but hear me out for a second and this will all make sense. 

When taking a picture and looking through the viewfinder of our camera, we sometimes may notice that the image may be blurry and out of focus. So we adjust the lens, maybe change the position of the camera, adjust the lighting; we do what we have to in order to ensure that our action of snapping that photo will give us the best result possible. 

If we don’t take the time, make the appropriate adjustments, and really focus on the end result that we want, we’re going to snap that photo and end up with something that we can’t use and that we’re not happy with. 

This is very similar to how in life we all have our personal dreams and goals. And sometimes we’ll get to the finish line and look at our results just to realize that our photo is blurry. 

Too often we set our goals and dreams without really focusing on what we actually want. We are too vague with our goals, or sometimes we do things just because others are doing it or because others want us to do it. 

When setting your goals, first of all, make sure it’s something that YOU want. Once you establish that, then take the time to adjust the lens, make sure the lighting is correct, and make sure that your goal is 100% in focus and looking amazing. 

It’s your goal and it deserves the best shot possible!

If you don’t do this, you’re going to go ahead and take action, spend time, and exert energy; all to just end up with a result that you’re not happy with. 

And then you start the cycle over and over again. There’s no need for it. Just be clear on what you want from the very beginning, and that beautiful photo (you know, your dreams/ your goals) that you’ve been trying to capture will become a lot easier to achieve than you think. 


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