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Easy Way to Test Quality of Your Extra Virgin Olive Oil

How good is your extra virgin olive oil?


Personally I love how EVOO tastes and I consume it with just about all of my meals, but it is more than just magic to my taste buds; it is also magic for our health!

Extra virgin olive oil contains two incredible anti-inflammatory and potent antioxidants called oleocanthal and oleuropein. Oleocanthal is so powerful that it is comparable to taking a small dose of ibuprofen, but without any of the possible side effects. And studies have also shown that it works great at clearing the brain of the dangerous amyloid plaques that are commonly linked to Alzheimer’s.

EVOO is also a great source of monounsaturated fat – the healthy fat that is needed to maintain the health of our blood vessels, health of our liver, and helps us to lose weight.

But unfortunately not every olive oil is of the same quality. As often happens in our industrialized food industry, shortcuts are often taken to fatten the pockets of the companies at the expense of the quality of their product. But no worries, below is a video on how to do a very simple test to let you know if the quality of your EVOO is good or not.


In case you’re wondering what gives good quality EVOO that peppery kick, it’s the oleocanthal! The spicier it is, the better quality it is.

Also, always try to get extra virgin olive oil that comes in dark glass or a tin so that it is shielded from light exposure.


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