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Don’t Avoid Constructive Criticism

Marcelo Oleas - Don't be afraid of constructive criticism


Our egos love to hear praise, but when wanting to become the best at something, find those who will tell you the honest truth. The good, and most importantly, THE BAD. If the bad never gets pointed out to us, we will never get better. We can only change what we become aware of. 

So when trying something new or learning something new, appreciate the praise that you may get, but also seek out the constructive criticism from those who are willing to give it to you. 


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  1. Great blog, Marcelo. I also like that you support it using a video of you. I hope this message resonates with everyone of us who dreams to become better. Thank you for this. And let me also express my thanks to you for visiting my blog ang giving my post a like. It means the world to me.
    All the best,

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