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Building Your Mental Home – Are You Using The Right Materials?

Building Your Mental Home


Why is it that we could be so careless when it comes to building our mental home?

Think about it, if we were building our dream house to live in, we would be so careful with the plans, the designs, the material we select, and even the professionals that we hire to put it all together. We want to build something that will last, something that is strong, and something that will keep us and our loved ones safe, happy, and comfortable.

So why is it that we don’t put the same level of importance when it comes to building our mental home?

We are not careful enough with the material we choose, with the material we gather, and especially with the material that we decide to keep.

Our thoughts, our beliefs, what we choose to see, what we choose to listen to, what we choose to experience. These are all the materials that are used to build our mental home. So why not be more careful when it comes to choosing them?

And yes, there are times that we might not have a choice of the material that we are given. Those certain circumstances in life that we did not choose or weren’t able to avoid. But we do have a choice in deciding whether we store and keep this material or not.

Our fears, our pain, our negative memories and negative thoughts. If we build our home using this material, we’re not going to end up with a solid structure. We’re going to be constantly battling to fix and patch things up just so that our home doesn’t fall apart.

And yes, sometimes our home will need some repairs, but if we’re more careful with the material we use, the odds will be in our favor. If we focus on our courage and positive thoughts, we can take our fears and negative beliefs and toss them to the scrap pile because they are not needed to build our amazing mental home.

It’s okay to be picky with your mental material. It’s your mental home that you’re building. And you deserve the best.


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