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My name is Marcelo Oleas and I have spent the past couple of years researching how to improve my mental and physical health. From reading to listening to podcasts and everything in between, I have found many things that I wish I would have implemented in my life much earlier. But no time for regrets! There still is time to make some major improvements in our lifestyle that will pay off greatly as the hands of time keep turning. Here I will share what I have learned, and continue to learn on this new amazing journey I have embarked of making my 40s my new 20s.

Time goes by and most of us are not likely to be concerned with our mental and physical health until we start feeling discomfort and symptoms. What can easily be avoided turns into long term complications with possible detrimental effects that cannot be reversed. From cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s; I have seen first hand what these things can do to our loved ones. I have made it a mission of mine to learn as much as I can to minimize my chances of ever finding myself in a face to face battle with some of today’s modern plagues.

Ironically, our technology and medicine continues to get better, but why are the numbers of people dealing with chronic diseases not going down? In fact, the opposite is happening! Seems like the more people big pharma can get taking prescriptions for life is the goal. Well I’m not joining that bandwagon and will do what I can to share what I learn about optimizing our health so you don’t have to either.

All content on MarceloOleas.com is for informational purposes only. All medical questions and concerns should always be consulted with your licensed healthcare provider.

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